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  • “Entertainments’ committee”

c-a8677Organisation of the fetes in Crissay sur Manse.

President : Jany Landier 4, rue du Puy Renault 37220 Crissay-?sur-?Manse Tél. 02 47 95 20 28

  • Dates to remember :

15 April 2018 – Ramble organised by the club Pousse-Cailloux

20 May 2018 – Bric-a brac fair

1 July 2018 – Graffiti artists in the Château

  • “The ‘Bonne Entente’ club of Crissay and Avon”
bonne-ententeThis club unites the members from Crissay sur Manse and Avon les Roches, playing games such as Belote, Scrabble etc., eating crêpes or galettes, according to the season, celebrating birthdays, and all with a good sense of humour. To be able to chat with friends is a very important social link.


  • 14 June – The club ‘Bonne Entente Avon-Crissay’ Picnic (in Crissay)


  • “The Manse Theatre”

plaisirs-d-amours The association ‘The Manse Theatre’ was set up one day in 1984, with the aim of creating artistic theatrical and musical performances in the village of Crissay sur Manse in order to retain, value and promote the elements of its cultural heritage. The Company actually have a permanent membership of 12 (comedians, amateurs and sound and light technicians), who are joined by a number of volunteers during the organised events. During the past 33 years, thousands of spectators have come and applauded the different productions produced in Crissay each year during one week in August, in the open air in the Chateau courtyard. 33 performances have been created since the birth of the Company, competent in all repertoires from medieval farces to contemporary plays and classical comedies.

19 rue du château 37220 CRISSAY SUR MANSE – 02-47-58-63-87

mail : –

  • Dates to remember :

The Manse Theatre 11-12, 13, 14 and 16, 17, 18, August

  • “Association to promote music from the olden days”

This association organises concerts of music from the ancient times, either in Crissay sur Manse or the neighbouring villages. In particular the organisation of an annual musical event featuring music from the renaissance, baroque or classical eras, appropriate to the architecture of the site used.

  • “Crissay en Marche”

This association organises activities such as sports (walking, gymnastic, dance), culture and leisure. Their activities add to the sphere of activities of the associations already in place.


  • Dates to remember :

11 February 2018 – Children’s Carnival

20-21-22 July 2018  – Summer Exhibition:

15 September – Heritage open days

  • Indian Dream

Objective : to organise festivals, sales and creations of American Indian art, to buy teepees for people to rent, and to allow people to discover the American Indian way of life.

  •  Dupuy Emmanuel et Isabelle – 2, rue de la Chaume 37220 Crissay-sur-Manse

 Tel : 06 67 87 16 39 – indiandream37@hotm



  • Dates to remember :

 11-12 August2017 – Week-end amérindien

  • “Association for hunting within the communal areas of Crissay sur Manse”

Organises the practicalities of all hunting and sporting activities within the Indre and Loire territory. 

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