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couv-crissay-2A must read for those who want to know more about Crissay sur Manse

On sale at the Dechaud bookshop

10 rue de Chinon à Crissay sur Manse,

This book of over 60 pages,

with several photographs,

was put together by the :

Heritage Inventory Department for : the “Centre” region 

– text : Mme Martine Lainé

-investigation Mme Martine Lainé et Mme Christine Toulier Publishers” LieuxDits.”

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–  » l’ Auberge de Crissay « 

1 rue de Chinon 37220 Crissay sur Manse

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1 rue St Lazare 37220 L’Île Bouchard


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                                                                                  Editions Grand Carroi

  • Map of items which must be seen :

More than fifteen remarkable dwellings and monuments

See the article “The history of Crissay sur Manse”


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  • Château Visits :

img-2882-1 Every year, the château is open for visits on the national Heritage day.

The red room : of an extraordinary height, with a ceiling unique for its conception and an enormous decorated fireplace.

The chapel, galleries and dry moat…

It is possible to visit the chateau throughout the year, by prior appointment, by contacting the owner who with accompany you on the visit :

Mr André Bourrée

– 6, rue de l’Église

– 37220 Crissay sur Manse

Tel. 02 47 58 54 03. – Entrance : 3€ 

pict0019-1 pict0016-1

  • Visiting the church :

dscf1157-1 The church is open from May to October dependent upon the opening hours of the honey shop situated opposite, and every weekend during the rest of the year.

The nave is composed of three rows of diagonal ribs.

On the right, another lower rib gives a certain asymmetrical look to the building.

On the left, near to the chancel, is a sacristy, where the tomb of Catherine de Bellay can be found. Catherine was the poet’s cousin and wife of Jacques Turpin, the lord of Crissay.

pict0006-1 en-ce-lieu-ci-que-vous-voyez-repose-de-jacques-turpin-la-tres-bonne-epouse-catherine-du-bellay

“In this place you see it rests Jacques Turpin very good wife Catherine du Bellay” 



  • The Cross in the Cemetery

croix-du-cimetiere The Stone Cross

End of the XVth century or early XVIth century

Registered as one of the most Historic Monuments

On the upper part and on each of the hexagonal sides we can see the diamond shape. 


  • The village’s ‘Lavoir’ (washing place)



From the church, the path to the south alongside the cemetery (where you can find a beautiful stone cross from the XVth century), leads to the river Manse, where you can admire the superb, recently restored Lavoir

  • The Gruteau Lavoir (washing place)

lavoir-gruteau-2 lavoir-gruteau-1 .

The lavoirs have been restored with the help of the “Heritage Foundation”

See > Travaux et réalisations

  • The Huguenot’s Fountain


800m outside the village, on the road to St Epain, there is a natural spring which feeds a former washing place.

Crissay is fed by both the Manse river and the Huguenot’s fountain.

Legend has it that in 1562 the Protestants were delivering a bell to the church. Unfortunately, the cart that carried it got stuck in the swamp and the bell never reappeared.

Being pure water and at a constant temperature, this fountain is said to have vowed, every 100 years, to show its anger …


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