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a– The farm ‘de la Biquette’ (Goat’s farm)

The Ondet family welcome you to their Goat farm, which was first open in 1982. They offer chees made from goat’s milk – the well-known ‘St Maure’ appellation. There is also their new shop, Savonnerie Bulles de Lait, offering natural soap made from goat’s milk.


ONDET Julien

Moulin de Gruteau

37220 Crissay sur Manse

tél : 02 47 58 55 31

Open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 12.30pm. Available at the market in Langeais on Sundays. There is an automatic vending machine available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

b – L’ Auberge de Crissay

 Restaurant – Bar – Concert evenings

Ideally located with its terrace which has panoramic views of the Manse valley and its two dining rooms, come and taste a cuisine made from local produce or simply quench your thirst.


Our bar menu offers a range of artisan and local products (Wine, Beer, Nectar and Fruit Juices, …) A room can also be booked for private usage (Meeting, Seminar, Conference, Family Meal, Holiday, Birthdays ….).

Our guest rooms, complete with private pool, await you in a  charming countryside setting, at the foot of a 12th century chateau.

1 rue de Chinon 37220 Crissay sur Manse – Tél : 02 47 58 58 11

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c – The wines of “Pascal Ricotier”

Vin de Pays – red, rosé, cabenet franc, white chardonnay, AOC Chinon red, rosé

Pas­cal Ricotier : 7, rue de Chi­non 37220 CRISSAY-?SUR-?MANSE

tél. 02 47 58 58 42 —mobile : 06 13 14 34 93

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 – Atelier-Galerie des Collages

Mélanie’s gallery in Crissay is an annex of ‘Rouge Pistache’, her workshop situated at 11 rue du Petit saint Martin in the old part of Tours. Melanie is an artist, plastic specialist, illustrator and stage designer and her creations and collages are exhibited in the gallery at Crissay.

19 rue du château 37220 CRISSAY SUR MANSE

Tel:02-47-58-63-87 for the gallery


Open from Easter to 1 November weekends and by appointment.

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 – Librairie Ancienne J.-Marc Dechaud

 M. Dechaud buys, sells and is an expert on old books, and has a collection dating from the 15th to the 20th century. He is a member of SLAM (which is the national association of ancient and modern bookshops), and an expert within the CNES (National chamber of exerts specialising in object of art and collections of art). 10, rue de Chinon


TEL / FAX : 02 47 97 01 40

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 – M2C -Maillet Concept Commercial

 M2C supports the development of commercial enterprises. Having a very flexible contract with the enterprises, M2C takes charge of their commercial functions, and analyses their needs and objectives within the commercial market.

The services of M2C are adjustable according to the needs of their clients. M2C is a font of information.

3 rue de Chinon 37 220 Crissay sur Manse

tél : 02 47 58 75 23

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Self-employed small businesses :

riboul-guy House, garden and machinery maintenance


2 Rue de Rochebourdeau 37220 Crissay sur Manse

tél : 06 43 77 62 83

Chèque emploi-service

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