Visite de Crissay sur Manse

Rendez-vous aux jardins


Le partage au jardin

La quinzième édition des Rendez-vous aux jardins sera placée sous le thème “Le partage au jardin” : partages d’espaces pour jardiner, de graines ou de plantes, mais aussi partage de savoirs, de savoir-faire, de moments de plaisir, de découverte…

L’objectif de cette manifestation est de faire découvrir à un large public la richesse et la diversité des parcs et jardins et de le sensibiliser aux actions mises en œuvre par le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication pour favoriser la connaissance, la protection, la conservation, l’entretien, la restauration et la création de jardins ainsi qu’à la transmission des savoir-faire, tout en s’attachant à mettre en valeur leur dimension artistique et culturelle.

Outre l’ouverture massive de parcs et jardins privés et public : 2 300 en 2016, cette manifestation est l’occasion de mettre en place des animations (3 500 en 2016), notamment sur le thème national : visites guidées, démonstrations de savoir-faire, expositions, promenades musicales, jeux/concours, etc.


Animations-Expositions-Démonstrations -Visites guidées.

Crissay sur Manse : les 2 – 3 – 4 Juin 2017 – au coeur du village .


















Vendredi 2 juin








Les préparations







Commerce: Crafts – shopping – local produce

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a– The farm ‘de la Biquette’ (Goat’s farm)

The Ondet family welcome you to their Goat farm, which was first open in 1982. They offer chees made from goat’s milk – the well-known ‘St Maure’ appellation. There is also their new shop, Savonnerie Bulles de Lait, offering natural soap made from goat’s milk.


ONDET Julien

Moulin de Gruteau

37220 Crissay sur Manse

tél : 02 47 58 55 31

Open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 12.30pm. Available at the market in Langeais on Sundays. There is an automatic vending machine available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

b – L’ Auberge de Crissay

 Restaurant – Bar – Concert evenings

Ideally located with its terrace which has panoramic views of the Manse valley and its two dining rooms, come and taste a cuisine made from local produce or simply quench your thirst.


Our bar menu offers a range of artisan and local products (Wine, Beer, Nectar and Fruit Juices, …) A room can also be booked for private usage (Meeting, Seminar, Conference, Family Meal, Holiday, Birthdays ….).

Our guest rooms, complete with private pool, await you in a  charming countryside setting, at the foot of a 12th century chateau.

1 rue de Chinon 37220 Crissay sur Manse – Tél : 02 47 58 58 11

More information….…

c – The wines of “Pascal Ricotier”

Vin de Pays – red, rosé, cabenet franc, white chardonnay, AOC Chinon red, rosé

Pas­cal Ricotier : 7, rue de Chi­non 37220 CRISSAY-?SUR-?MANSE

tél. 02 47 58 58 42 —mobile : 06 13 14 34 93

For more information visit : >

 – Atelier-Galerie des Collages

Mélanie’s gallery in Crissay is an annex of ‘Rouge Pistache’, her workshop situated at 11 rue du Petit saint Martin in the old part of Tours. Melanie is an artist, plastic specialist, illustrator and stage designer and her creations and collages are exhibited in the gallery at Crissay.

19 rue du château 37220 CRISSAY SUR MANSE

Tel:02-47-58-63-87 for the gallery


Open from Easter to 1 November weekends and by appointment.

More information…> .

 – Librairie Ancienne J.-Marc Dechaud

 M. Dechaud buys, sells and is an expert on old books, and has a collection dating from the 15th to the 20th century. He is a member of SLAM (which is the national association of ancient and modern bookshops), and an expert within the CNES (National chamber of exerts specialising in object of art and collections of art). 10, rue de Chinon


TEL / FAX : 02 47 97 01 40

More information….>

 – M2C -Maillet Concept Commercial

 M2C supports the development of commercial enterprises. Having a very flexible contract with the enterprises, M2C takes charge of their commercial functions, and analyses their needs and objectives within the commercial market.

The services of M2C are adjustable according to the needs of their clients. M2C is a font of information.

3 rue de Chinon 37 220 Crissay sur Manse

tél : 02 47 58 75 23

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Self-employed small businesses :

riboul-guy House, garden and machinery maintenance


2 Rue de Rochebourdeau 37220 Crissay sur Manse

tél : 06 43 77 62 83

Chèque emploi-service

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The Auberge de Crissay

 auberge-salle1Bar -Restaurant – Café concert :

Ideally located with its terrace which has panoramic views of the Manse valley and its two dining rooms, come and taste a cuisine made from local produce or simply quench your thirst.

Our bar menu offers a range of artisan and local products (Wine, Beer, Nectar and Fruit Juices, …) A room can also be booked for private usage (Meeting, Seminar, Conference, Family Meal, Holiday, Birthdays ….).


Le Moulin de Saussaye

salle-du-moulin-1 Auberge/bar :

Within 10 mn :

Superb meals using farm products.





– 37220 CROUZILLES – ( près de L’ile Bouchard )

Tel. 02 47 58 50 44  –

En savoir + >

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Itinérant trades

Local shopkeepers pass regularly though Crissay sur Manse.


Bakery – Pastry

The bakery ’Au gré du pain’


Marion et Alain Brosseau



Our baker’s van passes through Crissay every day (apart from Monday) to deliver – door to door : bread, croissants and pâtisseries made in our bakery by our renowned bakers.

* Don’t hesitate to call us to order and taste our specialities, even if you are only holidaying in the village !

The Fishmonger :

Jean-Michel Ridouard

Spoissonnier1ince 1999, the RIDOUARD fish shop has specialised in the sale of fish from the Brittany shores, shellfish, crustaceans .


Wednesday : Crissay / Manse , (by   appointment  tel : 06 81 80 69 85), in the church square between 15h and 16:30.

For more information on the products and prices, and contact details see



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Monuments and items

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couv-crissay-2A must read for those who want to know more about Crissay sur Manse

On sale at the Dechaud bookshop

10 rue de Chinon à Crissay sur Manse,

This book of over 60 pages,

with several photographs,

was put together by the :

Heritage Inventory Department for : the “Centre” region 

– text : Mme Martine Lainé

-investigation Mme Martine Lainé et Mme Christine Toulier Publishers” LieuxDits.”

  En vente à

–  » l’ Auberge de Crissay « 

1 rue de Chinon 37220 Crissay sur Manse

-Super U

1 rue St Lazare 37220 L’Île Bouchard


-Directement par la poste  :  Click-> 

                                                                                  Editions Grand Carroi

  • Map of items which must be seen :

More than fifteen remarkable dwellings and monuments

See the article “The history of Crissay sur Manse”


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Visit Crissay sur Manse – Slide show

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  • Château Visits :

img-2882-1 Every year, the château is open for visits on the national Heritage day.

The red room : of an extraordinary height, with a ceiling unique for its conception and an enormous decorated fireplace.

The chapel, galleries and dry moat…

It is possible to visit the chateau throughout the year, by prior appointment, by contacting the owner who with accompany you on the visit :

Mr André Bourrée

– 6, rue de l’Église

– 37220 Crissay sur Manse

Tel. 02 47 58 54 03. – Entrance : 3€ 

pict0019-1 pict0016-1

  • Visiting the church :

dscf1157-1 The church is open from May to October dependent upon the opening hours of the honey shop situated opposite, and every weekend during the rest of the year.

The nave is composed of three rows of diagonal ribs.

On the right, another lower rib gives a certain asymmetrical look to the building.

On the left, near to the chancel, is a sacristy, where the tomb of Catherine de Bellay can be found. Catherine was the poet’s cousin and wife of Jacques Turpin, the lord of Crissay.

pict0006-1 en-ce-lieu-ci-que-vous-voyez-repose-de-jacques-turpin-la-tres-bonne-epouse-catherine-du-bellay

“In this place you see it rests Jacques Turpin very good wife Catherine du Bellay” 



  • The Cross in the Cemetery

croix-du-cimetiere The Stone Cross

End of the XVth century or early XVIth century

Registered as one of the most Historic Monuments

On the upper part and on each of the hexagonal sides we can see the diamond shape. 


  • The village’s ‘Lavoir’ (washing place)



From the church, the path to the south alongside the cemetery (where you can find a beautiful stone cross from the XVth century), leads to the river Manse, where you can admire the superb, recently restored Lavoir

  • The Gruteau Lavoir (washing place)

lavoir-gruteau-2 lavoir-gruteau-1 .

The lavoirs have been restored with the help of the “Heritage Foundation”

See > Travaux et réalisations

  • The Huguenot’s Fountain


800m outside the village, on the road to St Epain, there is a natural spring which feeds a former washing place.

Crissay is fed by both the Manse river and the Huguenot’s fountain.

Legend has it that in 1562 the Protestants were delivering a bell to the church. Unfortunately, the cart that carried it got stuck in the swamp and the bell never reappeared.

Being pure water and at a constant temperature, this fountain is said to have vowed, every 100 years, to show its anger …


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Présentation of Crissay sur Manse

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The village of Crissay sur Manse

Crissay sur Manse is a mediaeval village, situated in the Manse valley, in the heart of Touraine. The village has retained its character from these earlier times. Its beautiful dwellings, built from the local ‘tuffeau’ stone, and its narrow streets, justify its classification as one of « the most beautiful villages in France. » pnr3

At the extreme east of the Loire, Anjou Touraine national park, Crissay is one of the smallest villages of the Indre and Loire region, with 117 habitants (2014) and a surface area of 750 hectares.

Situated 18km from Azay-le-Rideau (via the D757), 22 miles from Chinon (via the D8) and 13km from Sainte Maure de Touraine (via the D21 and D210), Crissay mixes culture with a good way of life. Within the village you will find a shop opposite the church, which sells honey and ‘pain d’épice’ (a spiced loaf) and a goat’s farm in the Gruteau area selling delicious goat’s cheeses (24 hours a day as there is a vending machine for when the shop is closed). There is also a local wine merchant, whose business is situated in one of the most buildings of the village, built at the end of the XVth century. There you can sample the Chinon wines and the excellent and reputable Chardonnay. The terrace at the Auberge (Bar/B&B) offers one of the most beautiful views of the Manse valley. There you can taste the delicacies of the Touraine region.

ccb2 A shrine to the 100 years’ war, Crissay was developed in the XVI century and still has superb buildings dating from this era, and ancient streets where you can stroll in an air of calm and serenity. Its chateau, now in ruins, belonged to the Turpin family of CRISSE for six centuries. This shows the former grandeur of the village. The church of St Maurice, listed since 1926 amongst the most historic monuments, was built by Jacques I and Jacques II Turpin of CRISSE in the XV and XVI centuries. The funeral recess of Catherine of BELLAY is situated within its walls. The church is a model of the flamboyant gothic architecture.

Even if the weavers, like most of the previous craftsmen, have now left Crissay, you can still find a library with examples of ancient books, and a studio selling collages and paintings.

Along the banks of the river Manse, the XIX century ‘lavoirs’ (washing places) have recently been restored, thanks to the heritage foundation. Situated at the foot of the village and in the Gruteau area, they frame the Grand Moulin (water mill).

cri There is a stone cross in the cemetery, which dates from the end of the XV century, which is listed amongst the most historic monuments.

Away from the centre of the village, which was surrounded at one time by ramparts, you can still find some farms which have large buildings which were constructed in the XIX century, whose facades of tuffeau stone contrast with the former troglodyte dwellings – used for domestic or agricultural purposes.

The activity of the villagers of Crissay is largely agricultural (crops, wine, honey, goat husbandry) and tourism (bar, B&B, gîtes). After having a steep decline in the population at the beginning of the XIX century, the population of the village has been stable for some years. Most of the houses are permanently occupied. It is a village where one can live a good life – the proximity of small towns only a few kilometres away providing the usual daily requirements.

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  • “Entertainments’ committee”

c-a8677Organisation of the fetes in Crissay sur Manse.

President : Jany Landier 4, rue du Puy Renault 37220 Crissay-?sur-?Manse Tél. 02 47 95 20 28

  • Dates to remember :

15 April 2018 – Ramble organised by the club Pousse-Cailloux

20 May 2018 – Bric-a brac fair

1 July 2018 – Graffiti artists in the Château

  • “The ‘Bonne Entente’ club of Crissay and Avon”
bonne-ententeThis club unites the members from Crissay sur Manse and Avon les Roches, playing games such as Belote, Scrabble etc., eating crêpes or galettes, according to the season, celebrating birthdays, and all with a good sense of humour. To be able to chat with friends is a very important social link.


  • 14 June – The club ‘Bonne Entente Avon-Crissay’ Picnic (in Crissay)


  • “The Manse Theatre”

plaisirs-d-amours The association ‘The Manse Theatre’ was set up one day in 1984, with the aim of creating artistic theatrical and musical performances in the village of Crissay sur Manse in order to retain, value and promote the elements of its cultural heritage. The Company actually have a permanent membership of 12 (comedians, amateurs and sound and light technicians), who are joined by a number of volunteers during the organised events. During the past 33 years, thousands of spectators have come and applauded the different productions produced in Crissay each year during one week in August, in the open air in the Chateau courtyard. 33 performances have been created since the birth of the Company, competent in all repertoires from medieval farces to contemporary plays and classical comedies.

19 rue du château 37220 CRISSAY SUR MANSE – 02-47-58-63-87

mail : –

  • Dates to remember :

The Manse Theatre 11-12, 13, 14 and 16, 17, 18, August

  • “Association to promote music from the olden days”

This association organises concerts of music from the ancient times, either in Crissay sur Manse or the neighbouring villages. In particular the organisation of an annual musical event featuring music from the renaissance, baroque or classical eras, appropriate to the architecture of the site used.

  • “Crissay en Marche”

This association organises activities such as sports (walking, gymnastic, dance), culture and leisure. Their activities add to the sphere of activities of the associations already in place.


  • Dates to remember :

11 February 2018 – Children’s Carnival

20-21-22 July 2018  – Summer Exhibition:

15 September – Heritage open days

  • Indian Dream

Objective : to organise festivals, sales and creations of American Indian art, to buy teepees for people to rent, and to allow people to discover the American Indian way of life.

  •  Dupuy Emmanuel et Isabelle – 2, rue de la Chaume 37220 Crissay-sur-Manse

 Tel : 06 67 87 16 39 – indiandream37@hotm



  • Dates to remember :

 11-12 August2017 – Week-end amérindien

  • “Association for hunting within the communal areas of Crissay sur Manse”

Organises the practicalities of all hunting and sporting activities within the Indre and Loire territory. 

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History of Crissay sur Manse

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  • History

The village of Crissé – towered over by a fortress– was established in the Manse valley. The Manse is a tributary of the Vienne. The village is built against the hillside at an altitude ranging between 44 and 120 metres. We can easily understand the interest men had with this chalky plateau, which is set in layers, making it easy to dig out caves and rooms underground, which without doubt founded the first inhabitants of this site.

  • The village’s name

Crissay sur Manse previously had the following names :

CRISSEIUM in the 9th century – belonging to Cormery Abbey, confirmed by letters written by Charles the Chauve between 823 and 877.

CRISSIACUM in the 11th century – at this time it was a territory of medium importance, which belonged partly to Bouchard de l’Ile, a large town in 1084, which was its first known ruler, and partly to the Archbishop of Tours.

CRISSÉ appeared in the 13th century – the property of the lords Turpin of Crissé from 1124 up to 1st July 1632. On this date the land was seized and awarded to Michel d’Evrard, governor captain of Chinon, Lord of Hécourt.

In the 18th century some deeds show the name CRISSAI – de Beauvau, marquis of Rivarennes, then Rochechouard and Choiseul-Praslin being the succeeding lords.

CRISSAY has been the actual spelling since the Revolution.

CRISSAY became CRISSAY sur MANSE to differentiate itself from CUSSAY in Indre and Loire, and to avoid postal confusion with this other village.

  • The Château

Partially destroyed during the 100 years’ war, the château was re-built at the end of the 15th century, on the site of a very old fortress. It consists of a dungeon dating back to the 13th century, with underground refuges dug out underneath. The Lord’s chapel dates back to the beginning of the 11th century.

  • The Church

The current church in Crissay was constructed in 1527 by Jacques Turpin I of Crissé, on the ruins of an old chapel which still belonged to St Epain. The church was consecrated by the Archbishop of Tours, Antoine de la Barre, and restored in 1867. The re-building of the woodwork and the vaults under the nave were finished in 1870. The church has been noted as an historic monument since 1926. The tomb of Catherine du Bellay can be found in the sacristy.

The village

This charming village still remains authentic to the gentle way of life in Touraine.

Within the main part of the village beautiful houses dating back to the 15th and 16th century can be seen. These show how important the village was in these times.

The village was fortified in 1545 and, under the authority of François I, given to Jacques Turpin II of Crissé. Jacques II, however, had to battle against crime which was linked to a band of mercenaries who had been engaged for a campaign during the 100 years’ war, then freed, but who had had no desire to go home.

The village was then reinforced with four gates : from la Motte in the west, St Epain in the east, Bigot in the north and Puits Auger in the south. Only the remains of the latter two remain.

Amongst the houses within the village, the following are worthy of note : 

  • The house partly constructed of wood, situated at the corner of the rue de Puits Auger and the rue de Chinon , which was built in 1494. 
  • The ‘Judges House’ at the top of the rue de Puits Auger, dating from around 1498. 
  • The ‘Gaby house’, just opposite, constructed around 1523. 
  • The ‘maison du grand Carroi’ in the square, close to those mentioned above, was constructed in 1536. It has magnificent mullioned windows typical of the Renaissance period. 
  • The ‘logis de la Poterne’, constructed in stone cut by hand in 1525, controlled the Porte Bigot (north gate).The terrace with a guardroom dates from 1820. 
  • The ‘Hostel des Anglois’ towards the middle of the rue du Château, thought to be constructed in 1684 and is overlooked by a house called “la Hullinerie”.
  • The ‘prussion camp’, situated westwards on the same road, to the right of the entrance to the château, has an interesting underground living area. The name of the house reminds us that the village was occupied by Prussians in 1871. 
  • Going back down the rue du Château towards the main road, on the right hand side, is the former school and the former Mairie, which have now been moved to the south of the village, in the church square. 
  • On the left is ‘La Baumonnerie’, part of which dates from the 16th century.
  • Going down towards the church, at the corner of the rue du Puits Auger and the rue de l’eglise, we can find another fine house dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Outside the village, on the banks of the river Manse :

  • The Huguenot’s fountain
  • The village lavoir (washing place) 
  • The Gruteau lavoir 
  • The large mill (La Grand Moulin)

In the direction of St Epain/Neuil to the east :

  • The manor “La Fretonnière” with its pigeon coop – 15th and 17th centuries
  • The manor “Le Boisselière” 16th century, both of which have been restored. 

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france3 Hébergements

a – La Rochebourdeau

logo-1la-rochebourdeau1 La Rochebourdeau : As well as being a delightful place to stay in the heart of Touraine,

this gîte also has a magnificent panoramic view over the picturesque Manse valley.

On the ground floor : dining room/ lounge (sofa bed). First floor : fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with separate toilet.

Second floor : 1 bedroom with 2 single beds, 1 bedroom with a double bed. Courtyard (200m2), garden (150m2) with lockable gates. Open cycle shed.








Philippe et Evelyne Ondet – 11 rue de Rochebourdeau – Tel : 02 47 95 23 84

booking -> Gites-Touraine

b – L’auberge de Crissay

Bed and Breakfast

Our guest rooms, complete with private pool, await you in a  charming countryside setting, at the foot of a 12th century chateau.

Access to your room is totally independent from the rest of the house.

All rooms have an unobstructed view of the Manse valley, television, private bathroom and toilet.

The continental breakfast can be taken either on the terrace or at the bar.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between four rooms: 2 standard rooms (Richelieu and Rabelais), 1 superior (Balzac) and 1 mezzanine suite (Lancelot).



1 rue de Chinon  – 37220 Crissay sur Manse – Tél : 02 47 58 58 11

logo-1c – La Vieille Chaume



This gîte “la Vieille Chaume” : a restored house built in 1850, is totally independent and is situated due south, at a junction of small country roads which lead to the village of Crissay sur Manse.

Ground floor : dining/living room (limited use telephone, sofa, satellite TV, HiFi), kitchen, toilet.

First floor : 1 bedroom with a double bed, 1 bedroom with 2 single beds, bathroom/toilet.

Baby cot and chair. Terrace garden. English spoken docliard-22docliard-33 .


booking ->Gites Touraine

d – Bed and Breakfast and Gite des Vallées logo-1

les-vallees-22 Near to the village of Crissay sur Manse, our property is nestled in the calm of the Manse valley.

One part of it was constructed in 1750 and a second part in 1840, both using the traditional ‘Tuffeau’ stone and slate of the region.

A former agricultural workplace, the ‘House of the Valley’ has kept its troglodyte caves, which were used for wine pressing and the wine harvest.

You will be able to make the most of the cool hillside and rest after a day’s hike or visiting castles of the Loire.

Wifi internet access available. Cycle hire also available at the property.







booking -> : Gites-Touraine

 -Louis Guérin – “Les Val­lées” – -37220 Crissay sur Manse tél :+ 33 (0)2 47 97 07 81

-Other accommodation adjacent to Crissay :

The Moulin de Saussaye farm : (10mn)

Located in the Loire-Anjou-Touraine natural park, in the Loire châteaux region, the Moulin de Saussaye farm offers bed and breakfast

– classified  with “Passions Houses”, 600 m from “Notre Dame Church”, from L’Ile BOUCHARD, recognized pilgrimage site,

– a campsite on the farm with mobile homes,

– an Auberge style restaurant – either for weekend stays, or for family holidays.


– 37220  CROUZILLES –

( près de L’ile Bouchard ) –

Tel. 02 47 58 50 44  –

Find more accommodation :


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